Vision and Mission

The English Alliance helps immigrants, refugees and their families to thrive in the East Bay Area of California. Our goal is to support newcomer’s dreams of a good life and aspirations of becoming the next leaders, thinkers and doers in the United States.

Our mission is to create opportunities and open doors for immigrants and refugees to achieve their goals for personal growth, workplace success, community connections, citizenship and residence.

The English Alliance is supported by local businesses and student fees, supplemented by donations and grants.


Our strategy is to provide services and resources that help immigrants and refugees get established, get connected  and get ahead over time in the Bay Area.

Because it takes years to adapt to a new country, each person may need different kinds of support over time. We take a holistic approach, offering classes, consultation sessions, and social events to build community with and for newcomers. We create opportunities for volunteers to engage with newcomers and for newcomers to receive expert advice, including legal counsel and naturalization services.