Would you like to help newcomers to the U.S. to get settled? share experiences?

Are you looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity?

Volunteer with the English Alliance! You The English Alliance connects volunteers with immigrants and refugees. We have several opportunities.

Teach English. In a newcomer’s home, in a public library or cafe. We connect you with a newcomer or newcomer family to provide English to adults. You provide the time, we provide training, textbooks, online exercises, skype and facetime support, and student assessment. The English Alliance relies on volunteers to provide low basic and high basic English lessons. Requires a volunteer commitment of 1 hour/week for 8 weeks.

Provide Immediate Needs support. Many newcomers need clothes, food and children’s items. Volunteers collect, organize and distribute donated items to English Alliance adult students.

Tertulias. Women’s meetups. If you are a woman looking for a casual setting to meet women from other countries, this is a great opportunity for you. Volunteers and immigrant women meet once a month to have a potluck dinner, share some wine, and share stories. Women’s groups exchange children’s items and lightly used clothes and gather small donations to support English Alliance scholarships.

Other opportunities. Would you like to volunteer in some other way? Tell us how.

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